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angel photo

"Moses with Tablets"

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I saw Moses in the sky three or four times. At the time I didnít know who he was or why his arms were way back. Then one night it came to me that it was Moses, but I still didnít realize why his arms were way back. I had taken two pictures of him without ever realizing it, until a Jewish friend of mine said ďItís Moses holding the tablet.Ē He was holding the Ten Commandment Tablets.

It was so beautiful each time when I saw him. He was so serene and yet so strong and powerful standing there in the sky. I noticed when he appeared, people around, even though they didnít know what was happening, their auras seemed to change and they became more peaceful. It felt as if he was bestowing peace to the entire world. I experienced great Peace and Love with him. I could feel his Love, His Love of God and his Love for his people.

I wondered then, like I wonder now, if only he was with us, physically on Earth, the Love and Peace this planet might know. Maybe he is with us through this picture.

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