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angel photo

"Mother Mary Prays"

8x10 for $29.95
11x14 for 43.95
13x19 for $84.95

I call this picture Mother Mary Prays. When I looked up and Mother Mary appeared before me, I felt the most wonderful, peaceful, nurturing and healing feeling that I have experience in a long time. I was in awe of the beauty and of her energy which was emanating from her image. It was an experience that I will never forget. May her Warmth, Love, Nurturing and Healing energies flow through this photograph to you as it does to me and for all those that have a picture of her.

You are welcome to come back to this website anytime you feel the need to experience her loving and nurturing energies again.To better see her image in the clouds, look for her hands out in front of her body, folded in prayer, towards the center of the picture.

I will eventually do a drawing of her to help people see her better. As with all the other spiritual beings, up to now, I believe that God intends that these pictures be seen and experienced as they are. I will do drawings of the spiritual beings when I feel that the time is right.

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