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Welcome to the Website of Visionary Cloud Artist Terri Lilya Keanely.

This unique collection is made up of over 400 photographs, including many cloud photographs of Angels, Arch Angels, Spiritual Beings, Animals, Happy Beings and pictures of beautiful landscapes, seascapes, orchids and other flowers.
Truly a fascinating look into the Kingdoms of both Heaven and Earth.

Here you will find a view into God's Kingdoms, normally not seen by physical eyes and many other photographs of Earth's beautiful splendor.

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This gallery is filled with photos and artwork that give a true glimpse into the kingdom of Heaven. View and purchase actual photos of Angels and Fairies that the artist saw in the clouds including Divine Beings and Happy Beings.

Please come see these unique, amazing miraculous pictures revealed to Terri in the clouds over Hawaii.

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Copyright ?2006 Terri Lilya Keanely and
Heaven and Earth Photo Collection, Inc.
All rights reserved.


No part of the photographs, taken by and information written or spoken by Terri L. Keanely, such as, but not limited to "A Look Into The Kingdoms of Heaven and Earth," other photographed, written printed spoken, audio or visual recordings, or filmed materials, whether copyrighted or not, shall be reproduced or duplicated in any visual, audio, electronic, mechanical, form, or by any means whatsoever, not limited to photocopying, scanning, recording, computer generated images or photographs, or any other system used for information transmittal or storage or retrieval now in use or yet to be invented, nor shall it be utilized in any form or by any means for any reason without the expressed WRITTEN permission of Terri L. Keanely.