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Honors, Awards & Publications


Wall of Tolerance Award and Name Placement, Montgomery, AL

Manchester's Who's Who
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The American Biographical Institute has honored
Terri Lilya Keanely with

Woman of the Year, 2004

Outstanding Female Executive
Fellow of American Biographical Institute
Genius Elite Frontis Piece Award, Leading Intellectuals of the World, 2004

The Key Award
International Diploma of Honor
Deputy Governor of the American Biographical Research Association Board of Governors
Ambassador of Grand Eminence with Statesman's Award
Diploma of Investiture

Her biography is included in the Dedication sections of:
Great Minds of the 21st Century, ABI, 2004
Hall of Fame of Great Women of the 21st Century

The International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England has presented Terri Lilya Keanely with the following:

Greatest Living Legend, IBC, 2005
Lifetime Achievement Award
Lifetime of Achievement - One Hundred, 2005
Fellow of I.B.C. Association
Deputy Director General
Representative Ambassador to the U.S.A. for I.B.C. Association
200 Outstanding Individuals of the 21st Century Hall of Fame
The First Five Hundred
The International Biographical Institute Hall of Fame

DaVinci Diamond Award for Art, 2005


A Balanced Path to Mastery and Enlightenment,
Multi-Volume Study Course, Terri Keanely, 1971

The Colors of Money, Finding Your Money Force; Mike Ryan & Terri Keanely, MoneyForce Press, 2006

Selection of her Photos have been accepted by the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, College Station, Texas

Krashada Accupressure Study Course, Volume I and II, Terri Keanely, 2007

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