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US Armed Forces Tribute

Happy Independence Day to Our Heroes |Salute to Our Heroes| The Rock | Teamwork |Prayer 

Happy Independence Day
­The Children of America Stand Up and Salute Their Heroes

How can we ever thank you for everything you do for us? We really don’t even know how bad it is for you except for what we do see on T.V., and it is terrible. What we do know is that every time we see you on TV, looking or talking to us, you have a smile on your faces, and you are trying very hard not to look tired! You are always there in every war when we need you; and, most of you enlist on your own, knowing that you could get killed at anytime. You and our great allies do this because you want to protect our great country and all of our people. You are always there when America needs you the most. You have the greatest courage and strength of anyone we’ve ever known.

We all wondered who encouraged you when you were down, because we know at times it must be really bad for you. So when we asked our friend Terri about it, this was her reply, “God encourages them. God places a special light above them to light their paths and to help keep them safe. He then places a pink light around them to make sure that they get loved and nurtured, and He also sees to it that there is a special guardian angel of protection sent to each and every soldier in order to help them in their times of struggle, strife, and sorrow. God is also there to inspire them in things that pertain to the spirit and to give them hope and encouragement when they temporarily get down. Yes, children, they need and depend on and have God’s help every step of the way, whether they know it or not.”

“I know there have been casualties of war, and I’m not so sure that I believe God intended it that way, but what I do believe is that He took each one who did die, up to heaven in His loving arms where He/She now has absolute love, peace, and nurturing. You see, not only are our service men very special to our country, and to all the people in our country, but they are also important to God as well, because God loves those special beings who have so much love and honor for their country. He forms a special bond with each one of the troops just like you children have.”

Now the children would like to say thank you for thinking of our families and for us, for taking up your time to fight in the war, risking your lives every minute, not knowing if you are going to come home or not, but having enough faith in our country to fight for our rights and freedom when there is so much conflict going on in our country. We need you and we love you! Thank you for loving our country as we do and having faith in us the children, our people, and in our country.

You are not only our heroes but to us you are also the backbone of our country, and we hope and pray that many of us will follow in your footsteps and become the future backbones for our country. We also pray that some of us will become leaders like our forefathers, who always fought for our Rights, Justice, Old Glory, and Freedom of our land. We will always strive to lend a hand to someone when they are down, accept our friends as they are, and forgive people when they make a mistake. To us this is what America is all about. We salute all of our past troops including everyone who has ever served in any of our wars, wherever you are. Finally, we give one last special salute to all of the stars who have ever entertained our troops, especially to Bob Hope. We wish you, Mr. President, Mr. Tony Blair, and all the other leaders of state, as well as each and every one of the troops from each country who would celebrate with us, the happiest Independence Day. Please stay safe and out of harms way. We all stand up and salute you!

God Bless You All from
All the Children of America and Terri Lilya Keanely






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