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US Armed Forces Tribute

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Our World Family Tree Prayer

May God bless and watch over every step you take.

May God bring peace to every man and nation all over our Earth,

in order that our planet can have a new rebirth,

where we can all live together in love, peace and harmony

and we can learn to appreciate each other by seeking to see the inner beauty within each and everyone of us.

When we can think about loving and helping our neighbors

as we do ourselves and family.


One day we be able to look out and see, lo and behold,

we have one giant family tree that has spread its

roots of love carefully all over the world

for all of us to see.

No longer just for America, but for the World .

For all of you and all of us,

everyone together with great harmony and total peace and unity.

With the strong bonds of the roots holding us

together with the Love from the Family Tree.


The Tree of Life.


Our World Family Tree

Do you think this could really happen?

I do.

Let’s all do it together.

What a sight to behold.

God Bless Everyone

Terri Lilya Keanely






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