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US Armed Forces Tribute

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To All Our Heroes - Happy Independence Day

When I first created this amazing tree photo, I thought I would have to just let this beautiful photo speak for itself, for I did not feel that I could ever think of just the right words to say to our heroes from all of us in America. I'd like to try to say what I feel the soldier's family and friends feel towards their heroes. However, mere words can never say enough to express to them how we really feel, because they do so much for us every moment of the day, by taking so many chances for us and risking their lives for our freedom. So without knowing all the things they do for us, I will try to speak the words from my heart and tell them what I feel the families and I would like to tell them for all of AMERICA, what I would say if my son were there. These words come from my heart. We all say to you, “WE LOVE YOU and YOU ARE OUR TRUE HEROES.”

Your wife, your mother, your father, your aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins, brothers and sisters, and everyone in your family as well as those people in America who care about you, including all the children in America, wish that just for a few hours we could all be standing around you all, knowing that a truce had been declared for those few hours in order that we could be there, with you—all of us holding hands for peace just like we did many years ago with Hands Across America, when all of America stood up for peace. If it were to happen now, we would thank God for bringing us together this day, for the peace, and all the love and excitement we feel at this moment, for allowing us to reach out, put our arms around you and kiss you, to touch you, to look into your eyes, the very essence of your soul. In doing this we would know how strong, courageous and honorable you are, and you would know the loving bonds among all of us are much like the roots of this mighty tree. Our roots are so intertwined that they can reach anywhere in the world holding and uniting us together. The trunk on the tree is straight and tall holding us together and helping us to gain the greatest foundation possible, because we have such strong family ties and roots. We Americans, one and all are standing up big and tall, growing together like this beautiful tree, as it reaches up to the sky with its many branches it just keeps growing outward and upward, ever expanding as does God’s pure love for His creation, which continually expresses itself through increasing amounts of beauty and harmony. We are truly blessed.

We are blessed to have such beauty upon our earth. We are blessed to still live in a country where we can have free will and choice, and where we can live in peace. Most of all, however, we are blessed to have you, our children. Our families appreciate you, our heroes, who fight relentlessly for us and our freedom, day by day. How can we ever thank you for taking on the responsibility of taking care of us and preserving our freedom? Yes, our heroes, how can we really thank you for all the many things you do for us, as we know you are eating and breathing sand as you go through the desert and cities, fighting for all of us and the Iraqi people as well as for those who seek freedom in Afghanistan?

Our energy and love pours out to you our heroes wherever you are. Just remember that Love is the bonding force and the root system that holds everything together, and we have plenty of love for all of you. May it heal and nourish you. Come home safely, but until you do, you can depend on us to hold things together here in America for us all.

We also send out our love and good wishes to all of our other Heroes, including those servicemen and women who have ever served in any of the previous wars. Thank you for all of your caring, and all of the sacrifices all of you have ever made for us, for all that you have given up for our freedom.

We love you, our heroes, one and all, Happy Independence Day to those now serving and those that have served their country. THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US WHO CARE!!

We, The People of America Salute You!!!

I Salute You!!!

Terri Lilya Keanely





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