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A Look into the Kingdoms of Heaven and Earth

Since the time I was very young, I have been blessed with the gifts of inner sight and hearing. Throughout my life I would pray and wish that others could see that which I could see; in other words, see some of those beings and things that are unseen, normally, with one's physical eyes. Those things I refer to here as the beings in all of God's Kingdoms-Divine, Spirit, Human, Angelic, and Helper Beings.

I have always felt that if others could see that which I have been fortunate enough to see, then they wouldn't have as much fear of the unknown because they would know that God and others in His Kingdoms are watching over us all. They would also know that God isn't up there to do everything for us, but that it was meant for us to be responsible beings-responsible for our actions, feelings and thoughts. They would see that there really is a Heaven, including a doggie and kitty Heaven. They could see that there really might be little invisible playmates that, often, children play with and talk to when they're young. I have often felt that if parents truly could accept the possibility that there are little "Happy Beings," rather than believing that it is all just "make believe," they could encourage their children to develop themselves by using their imagination. If people could become more attuned to the higher beings in the Heavens, they could also become more attuned to others here on Earth. They would then be able to see and experience people in a different light.

God created many different races and put them here on Earth, I believe, for a reason-that mankind could realize that God created the differences in people so they could learn from each other, and learn to be more kind, loving and tolerant of one another. This world, our world, could then be transformed. If all people were to choose to try to understand one another and work together-that alone would be an amazing thing! We could have an incredible peace on Earth…can you imagine that?

To my amazement, after 62 years of prayer, in the summer of the year 2000, and sometimes begging for this wish to come true, I was guided to buy extra film to take with me on my vacation to Hawaii. Two days later that opportunity presented itself to me in a K-Mart store in Chicago, Illinois. My fianc? (now my husband), looked at me and said, "Look at all this film they have on sale!" He pointed to a cart that had been filled with film, and I started grabbing that film as fast as I could. I finally ended up with 125 rolls of film that day! Today that film represents the beginning of one of the greatest spiritual journeys I have had in my life.

I was not a professional photographer. In fact, I didn't know half as much as I would have liked to know about taking pictures, then or even now. For instance, when does one use a flash when taking pictures of sunsets? I was armed with only two older 35mm cameras with zoom lenses--even though they were at least eight to ten years old. I will be eternally grateful that I had them on the first leg of my trip. On the second leg of my trip, I bought a 35 mm camera with all the bells and whistles, but I still haven't learned to use it well.

I was guided or inspired to take pictures of the forms in the sky, in the sunset, or in the clouds. I was told in a vision that God would reveal a small part of His Kingdom of Heaven for us to see here on earth. I was amazed and in awe as I saw one form after another appear in the sky or in the clouds. It was a beautiful sight for me to behold. I was seeing a partial answer to my prayers. Today as I look at these pictures, of which there are so many that we haven't even counted, (over 400 at present copyrighted), I am almost as amazed as I was when I first saw them in the sky.

There are three things that I think would be helpful for each of you to keep in mind when looking at the photos or even at the outlines I have made. Firstly, the mind has a tendency to think that this type of thing is impossible, that one can't see heavenly beings; so therefore, by doubting or denying that possibility, it keeps a person from seeing fully.

Secondly, I believe God generally does not allow Himself to be seen fully because of the unmanifest aspect of His Being. Therefore, when one looks at these pictures, he probably won't see the total form, but he will hopefully feel the pure love and energy emanating from each of them. I believe God intended us to have as much of a glimpse as is right for us to see right now; so therefore, we will not see any of them in their entirety.

Thirdly, our minds are accustomed to seeing only that which is in the physical. Some of the little Happy Beings that are not in the physical do not look like the physical animals or beings that we are used to seeing….nonetheless, they too, in my opinion, are beautiful to behold.

One way some people get past this mindset is to pretend or think that if we discovered or found new little beings or animals, they would be at first a little difficult to adjust to; but, we would love them just as well as we do those animals which are more familiar to us. Sometimes at first one might need a little help to see, so to make it as helpful to the viewer, as possible, I outlined as many beings as I could of the little Helper Beings. Some of the beings have appeared to me many times over the years, not only in the clouds, but also in my dreams and visions. Each time they have always appeared exactly the same in form as well as with the same loving persona. Some of them have communicated that certain colors were preferred over others, or that they wished to be presented in full regalia. I have tried to represent them the way they wished to be shown. Please bear in mind that I am not a trained artist-my friends have been amazed at my little outlines, and frankly so am I. At any rate, each and every one of them was done in love, no matter how large or small they appeared. As mentioned prior, I lack training and realize that training could really be helpful-however, I greatly enjoy working with these images. With this knowledge please bear with me for my new and ever changing artistry.

I now express my gratitude to each of you for seeing any or all of my collection, for it has been a blessing to me. Each and every positive being here holds a special place in my heart for I am so grateful that they came to try and pose for us. All I can now do, is to share with the viewer the title of each photograph or picture. As we know, each being or person is very unique and different; and, the viewer may see and experience these pictures in an entirely different way than I did.

As we go through life we always have the choice to accept or to reject anything. If something does not seem right for you, then you must reject it. If you don't quite understand it, it is best generally to put it in abeyance until you feel it is time to accept it or reject it. Keeping that in mind, I now invite you to join me on this incredible journey which in my opinion unites Heaven and Earth.

Some of the beings or forms in the photographs are of Angels, Archangels, Spiritual Beings, Children, Little Physical Animals, and Non-Physical Happy Beings. As each person is different he or she may see and experience these pictures in one's own way. So, get ready. Open your mind. Allow your imagination to run free as we experience the photographs with the forms and the energies within them, as they were meant to be. Hopefully, you will have a unique and meaningful experience.

Terri Lilya Keanely
August 2003


I will be eternally grateful to those who have helped make this possible for all of us. I hope you will share this same feeling. I would also like to give a profound thanks in the physical to my daughter, Virginia, and Jon Green, her husband, as well as John Wayne and Natasha Green, their children. My daughter, Cathy Wilder, as well as my own husband, Roger Keanely, Bob Hansen, Michele Love, Rosalyn Traylor, Pati Jeffrey, Moira Wilson, Ariana Geoffrey and Carole Booth have shown much love and devotion to this project and have worked tirelessly to help me.

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