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Happy Beings Collection  ~  Page 1


"Newely, Our Baby Unicorn"

Newely Our Baby Unicorn© is a Happy Being. When unicorns are born they are covered by a protective veil which is held in place by the other beings in the picture. Newely helps people to be happy, joyous and peaceful. He helps to clean up a person's aura, dissolving and eliminating negative energies of people who enter another's household

"Newely, Our Baby Unicorn - Painted"

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"Tee Rah Winking"

Tee Rah© is a Love Being, Protector Being and Helper Being. She sends lots of love to children and adults, especially to families to help them become a cohesive unit. She also protects people from harm's way. Carrying her picture can help an individual to become aware of impending danger. She enjoys helping people to be happy, positive and full of joy.

"Tee Rah Winking - Painted"

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Glory Man© is surrounded by Queen Zara, Kandro, Lathon, Kashmier and friends. They are all special protector beings. By carrying one of their pictures or by having it up in one's home, they will help to protect one from harm. They send out energies to create a special protective aura around the person and their surroundings.

"Gloryman - Painted"

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